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Can students advised through University College Advising still participate in Greek Life, Student Government, Intramurals and other campus activities?
Absolutely! Many current and former students advised through UCA are active members in every aspect of OSU's campus and the Stillwater community. Participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged, as it is a way for students to express themselves, meet fellow students and make new friends. Some organizations set membership or participation guidelines, which may include GPA or coursework requirements. Please see one of the following links for more specific information:

Will my son/daughter be required to take any special courses because they are advised through UCA?
No. Students advised through UCA will generally take the same courses they would take if they were advised through another academic college at OSU. Most degrees at OSU require freshman to take a one hour orientation course. Students advised through UCA will usually take UNIV 1111, First-Year Seminar, which is the orientation course taught by members of UCA's advising staff. Orientation courses are almost universally interchangeable one for another across the OSU campus. See the question below regarding information on remediation course requirements.
Is my son/daughter already on probation when they start OSU?
No, unless your son or daughter was a concurrently enrolled student and earned college credits with less than a 1.7 overall GPA. All first time entering freshmen, who have never completed college coursework, will have two semesters to prove their capabilities. (The first semester if your son or daughter earns less than a 1.7 overall GPA they will be placed on Academic Probation for the second semester and will be in danger of being suspended after their second semester unless they meet certain academic guidelines.)
Why do I not have access to my child's education records, such as: class schedules; scholarship awards; midterm grades; etc.?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) governs the dissemination of educational information for all institutions of higher education, such as OSU, that receive federal funding from the U.S. Department of Education. FERPA provides parents with certain rights to their children's educational records, until a student "reaches the age of 18 or attends school beyond the high school level" at which time these rights transfer to the student. OSU students may grant proxy access to parents or others, allowing access to designated educational records. This access may be granted by any student at any time and may also be revoked or modified at any time by the student. For questions or more information, please speak with OSU's Office of the Registrar.
How can I get access to view my student’s Bursar balance and make payments?
Bursar’s accounts are maintained in a separate system from educational records. Students may designate Authorized Users to view their accounts and make payments. For more information, visit the Bursar’s Frequently Asked Questions page.
How will we know if our son or daughter needs or would benefit from preparatory or remedial coursework?
Oklahoma State Regents' Policy requires that students' whose area scores on the ACT are below a 19 be evaluated to determine whether additional coursework is needed to ensure academic success at the collegiate level. OSU utilizes a system which analyzes your son or daughter's ACT (or SAT) scores in relation to their grades from their core high school coursework (English, math, reading and science). If remediation is recommended or required we will discuss options with your child during their one-on-one advising session. Required remedial work must be completed within the first 24 hours of completed college coursework. This coursework may be taken prior to arrival at OSU or during the regular semester. If you have questions prior to your date for New Student Orientation, please don't hesitate to contact our office directly.
My son/daughter qualified for Oklahoma's Promise and was admitted to OSU through the Alternative Admission Program. How does their admission to OSU affect receipt of this award?
Oklahoma's Promise is a unique program that provides in-state-tuition for Oklahoma students who meet specific guidelines during their high school careers. Receipt of this award is conditional on completion of these guidelines and and a student's admission "under normal admission standards for first-time entering students at the type of college or university to which he or she applies". Oklahoma's Promise students who are accepted into OSU through the Alternative Admission Program are not eligible to receive Oklahoma's Promise their first semester at OSU. To offset the financial burden of one semester of college tuition, OSU's Provost provides each Alternative Admission student who qualified for Oklahoma's Promise with a onetime $2,500 award to be applied towards the student's first semester tuition. Receipt of Oklahoma's Promise begins in full during a student's second semester at OSU. For more information about Oklahoma's Promise, please see the Oklahoma State Regents' website.
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