Enrolling in and Dropping Classes


It is advisable to schedule your appointment to discuss classes for the following semester at least three weeks prior to your actual enrollment date. 

When you make an appointment to enroll for an upcoming semester, please make sure you review your degree sheet for the major/minors you are pursuing before seeing your advisor. Please check your holds to determine if you have any that may prevent you from enrolling for the upcoming semester (eg. bursar bill, missing transcripts, student conduct, etc.) More information about specific holds is available here. You can view your current holds through the my.okstate.edu portal. Click on Self Service, then the Student tab. Click on Registration, then Registration Status and select the appropriate term.

Every student must be advised before they can enroll in class.  

Scheduling an Appointment with an Advisor

There are two ways to make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor:

  • You may go to http://star.okstate.edu/ to schedule your appointment through the STAR online appointment system. If you have questions about how to make an appointment online through STAR, please click here; or
  • You may come in person to 214 Student Union and schedule your appointment on a public computer with assistance from the front desk.

Once you have made an appointment you will receive an e-mail to your @okstate.edu address confirming the appointment. 

Dropping a Class

There are four drop deadlines for full-semester classes: 100% Refund, Partial Refund, W Drop/Withdraw, and W/F Withdraw. Please review the Academic Calendar for exact dates.

Classes dropped by the 100% Refund Deadline do not appear on your transcript and do not contribute toward the hours calculated for tuition (including the block rate). Classes dropped by the Partial Refund Deadline may be granted a partial refund if the student drops below the block rate minimum. 

Classes dropped between the Partial Refund Deadline and the W Drop/Withdraw Deadline will be granted an automatic 'W' on the transcript, but no refund. Between the W Drop/Withdraw Deadline and the W/F Withdraw Deadline, classes may only be dropped if the student fully withdraws from the university. No refund is granted and the instructor decides if a 'W' or an 'F' appears on the transcript.

All students should discuss schedule changes with their advisor before adding or dropping classes. First-semester students are required to meet with their advisor before they can drop any classes.

To learn how to drop a class, visit the Registrar's website.


Fall & Spring Semesters

Same-day appointments for UCA advising are available the first two weeks of the semester from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Meet with your UCA Academic Advisor to discuss questions/concerns as needed.

In the fall, October & November are Advising Months. In the spring, March & April are Advising Months. Make an advising appointment for spring or fall course scheduling and/or major exploration at http://star.okstate.edu.

View enrollment holds at http://my.okstate.edu and take the necessary steps to clear them.

Enroll online on your enrollment date (near the end of November and mid-April for freshmen).


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