Academic Advising

Our advisors are highly knowledgeable about academic life and are trained in advising methods that will help you in understanding academic majors and degree options, finding and using campus resources, and in creating a roadmap that leads toward degree completion. University College Advising strives to promote academic success by offering individualized academic advising tailored to the student’s needs.

Academic advisors also see that students complete any required remediation of curricular or performance deficiencies. After remediation of any deficiencies and completing one semester with a 3.0 GPA or two semesters with a minimum 2.0 GPA, students may generally transfer to their academic college of choice depending on their college's and department’s individual requirements.

Planning ahead is one of the best ways to ensure that you are able to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you. Meeting regularly with your advisor means that you will not be rushed when it comes time to make your schedule for the following semester.


What to Expect From Your UCA Advisor What Your UCA Advisor Expects From You
  • Understanding and effectively communicating OSU degree requirements to you
  • Listening attentively to your concerns and questions
  • Referring you to campus resources as needed
  • Ensuring confidentiality
  • Acknowledging and respecting your autonomy
  • Encouraging you in reaching your goals through the advising process
  • Knowing who your advisor is and how to make an appointment with her or him
  • Understanding policies, rules, and deadlines as set forth in the University undergraduate catalog and online resources
  • Understanding course requirements and deadlines
  • Meeting with your advisor as least twice each semester and more often as necessary
  • Accepting responsibility for your academic decisions
  • Clarifying and articulating your personal goals and values related to your academic and career objectives
  • Maintaining a record of your  academic plan