First-Year Seminar

Most incoming freshmen at OSU will be required to enroll and complete a First-Year Seminar course their first semester at OSU. FYS is designed to help freshmen adjust to the demands of college life; learn how to become academically successful; explore various major and career opportunities; learn to navigate within the OSU campus and the Stillwater community; and make students aware of university rules and regulations.

Every college offers FIrst-Year Seminar courses (also known as Orientation courses) to the students advised through their college. Students advised through University College Advising will enroll in UNIV 1111, the First-Year Seminar course taught by UCA advisors and staff. In some instances, UCA students may also take an Orientation course offered through another college. During your one-on-one enrollment meeting you will discuss with your academic advisor which orientation course will be most appropriate for you.

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First-Year Seminar Courses
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Semester classes to help students learn about campus resources and adjusting to life at OSU.
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Find the answers to all of your questions in your First-Year Seminar class.