First-Year Seminar

Most incoming freshmen at OSU will be required to enroll and complete a First-Year Seminar course their first semester at OSU. FYS is designed to help freshmen adjust to the demands of college life; learn how to become academically successful; explore various major and career opportunities; learn to navigate within the OSU campus and the Stillwater community; and make students aware of university rules and regulations.

Every college offers First-Year Seminar courses (also known as Orientation courses) to the students advised through their college. Students advised through University College Advising will enroll in UNIV 1111, the First-Year Seminar course taught by UCA advisors and staff. In some instances, UCA students may also take an Orientation course offered through another college. During your one-on-one enrollment meeting you will discuss with your academic advisor which orientation course will be most appropriate for you.

Submit an application to be a Student Academic Mentor now through May 15, 2017!

Student Academic Mentors (SAMs) are a select group of OSU students who work with new freshmen to help them adjust socially and academically at OSU. SAMs serve as mentors for new freshmen advised through University College Advising. SAMs commit one to two hours each week to a First-Year Seminar course throughout the fall semester.

SAMs connect new students to OSU and ease their transition to college life by providing personal support, introducing available resources and fostering relationships to promote extra-curricular involvement and academic excellence.

Most importantly, SAMs help new freshmen feel welcome and get excited about OSU!


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First-Year Seminar Courses
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Semester classes to help students learn about campus resources and adjusting to life at OSU.
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Find the answers to all of your questions in your First-Year Seminar class.