Success in the Classroom

UCA advisors support academic success inside and outside the classroom. Below are some tips from other freshmen about how to be successful in the classroom:


  • Classroom Success begins before you ever sit in your desk. Make sure you get enough sleep each night. Schedule time outside of class to complete your homework and review your notes.
  • Arrive to class early. Don't skip.
  • Bring your book, notebook, homework, and a pen or pencil.
  • Put your phone on silent and away.
  • Make eye contact with your professor.
  • If using a laptop, don't open webpages or games that are unrelated to the class.
  • Take notes.
  • Ask questions.
  • Refer to the syllabus often.

On-Campus Resources

LASSO Tutoring Program

Writing Center

Math Learning Success Center (MLSC)

Edmond Low Library