Choosing a Major

University College Advising advises students in nearly every major across campus, so this is the perfect advising home for students who are not quite sure which major they want to pursue. We can help students who are interested in programs across different colleges, such as a student who is not sure if business or nutrition is the best fit for them, as well as students who have no idea of what they want to major in.

If a student knows what college they are interested in, but have not narrowed down a specific major, they may contact the Career Services consultant assigned to their college. UCA students may visit Career Services in the Student Union.

Advisors in UCA are knowledgeable about every degree program offered on the OSU-Stillwater campus. Using this knowledge, advisors assist truly undecided students as they work to identify areas of interest, individual strengths, and career goals that can be aligned to one or more areas of study on the OSU campus. Undecided students are advised by UCA advisors until they have explored and identified a specific program, at which point they will be transferred to receive guidance by the advisor for their chosen major depending on their college's and department's guidelines.

Not Sure About Your Major - You're Not Alone

Close to 70% of college students change their major at least once! And somewhere between 20-50% enter college truly undecided upon an academic major or their future career plans.
Choosing a major is not the same thing as choosing a career.  A major is the area or discipline that you plan to study while you are in college, for example Finance, Secondary Education, or Biology. Most students plan to find a job that will utilize their major, such as becoming a financial analyst, a teacher or a doctor.  Of course, there are many career options for each major offered at the university, but the first step to a successful career is choosing a major that is right for you!  The more you enjoy what you are studying the more successful you will be!
A 5 Step Guide to Help Students Identify Potential Majors 
  1. Narrow down your options– Obtain a list of all majors offered crossing out those of little interest and highlighting those that are appealing.
  2. Know yourself- Consider your strengths and weaknesses.  Evaluate your values, interests, skills, personality, and desired lifestyle.
  3. Visit Career Services– Visit with a career expert for further information on majors, salaries, internships, etc.
  4. Consult available resources– Research online for free career and personality assessemets as well as future job projections. Here are some sites to help you get started:
    Career Key • Kiersey • OSU Career Assessments • Career Projections
  5. See an academic advisor– Your advisor will assist you in selecting classes to explore your options and interests.